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Many years ago, a young traveler discovered a non-descript enchanting village during one of his explorations of the Himalayan foothills. He fell in love with the place instantly and a summer house came up on the top of a hill in no time. This is where he wanted to live, he decided, but only after he had achieved his dream of becoming a famous lawyer. As he climbed up the success ladder, the breathtaking view of the snow-peaked mountains, lush forests, enticing orchards, meandering trails, terraced fields and charming people of the village continued to beckon him. 

One day It was love at first sight with the village. He climbed up a small mountain and looked at the imposing snow-capped peaks and the mesmerising valley and felt that he was standing at a place of love. He made up his mind. This was the mountain he wanted to settle down on once he was done with the city-life. Together, he and his wife built a dream house on the small mountain top. The mountain ofhe paused, decided it was time. He changed paths that led to what he wanted to do - design and open his own hotel in the mountains, a chai-ki-dukan where to tell his war-stories, write books, explore nature and undertake philanthropic activities.   The colonial-style summer house is now Te Aroha, an eco-friendly boutique hotel.

The resort offers its guests the opportunity to experience finest hospitality, amidst the scenic surroundings of Dhanachuli. The property is a harmonious blend of traditional architecture and contemporary comforts. The original structure of summer house that once stood on the hill has been successfully preserved to retain its original charm. 



Treepie Hospitality Private Limited


Sumant Batra               Chairman



Dhanachuli Bend, Near Mukteshwar


Tehsil Dhari, District Nainital

Uttrakhand – 263132

Tel: +91 87550 80736 +91 87550 80737